RIVET is a FORMAS funded research project on values and normative assumptions in climate economic models, such as integrated assessment models, and how these values are best managed when the models are used to guide public policy and decision making. The project seeks to integrate insights from the philosophy of science with theories of deliberative democracy with the intention of developing ways of grounding value assumptions in ways that are both democratically and scientifically legitimate.

Our Team

We are RIVET, a research group focused on understanding the complex world of climate economics. Our work is made possible through the support of FORMAS, the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development.

Henrik Thorén
Principal Investigator of RIVET, Researcher in Theoretical Philosophy at Lund University

Sofia Henriks
Research Assistant at Lund University

Affiliated Researchers

Martin Kowarsch
Head of working group Scientific Assessments, Ethics and Public Policy at MCC
Lukas Beck
Research fellow at LSE
Dominic. S. Lenzi
Assistant Professor at the University of Twente

Project phases

P1: Systematic philosophical analysis & discussion of normative assumptions in economic models
P2: Development of deliberative learning approach to normative dimensions in economic models
P3: Engagement process with modelers, stakeholders (including assessment people) and decision-makers

Funding Period: 01.08.2020 to 01.02.2026