Conference in Milan 2024

Numbers and Stories 2: Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change Research

Date: 27th – 28th of May, 2024

Venue: Politecnico di Milano

Aim of the conference

The conference “Numbers and Stories 2″ brought together internationally renowned experts and early career researchers for an interdisciplinary discussion on the ethical dimensions of climate change research. Specifically, the first day concerned the theme of illegitimate value influences and the responsibility of scientists and institutions in ensuring relevance and integrity of climate change research. The second day discussed whether and how considerations of justice should enter the evaluation of mitigation scenarios and how doing so could enhance the credibility and effectiveness of future research. Specific proposals will be discussed for operationalizing justice into quantitative emission scenarios produced by the scientific community.

Like its previous edition, ‘Numbers and Stories 2’ had a strong interdisciplinary character, featuring contributions by climate scientists, economists, sociologists, statisticians, engineers, ethicists, and epistemologists. Aiming to sparking new interactions and collaborations among speakers and audience members, to create a trans-disciplinary community that can help address the complex questions raised during the event.


Monday May 27

Alaa Al Khourdajie (Imperial College London): “From assessment to action: How the IPCC shapes our understanding of climate change.”
Balàzs Markò (Bocconi): “What is the effect of militarization on GHG emissions”; Erica Onnis and Vittorio Giordano (Torino): “Dietary patterns and climate change mitigation”.
Franziska Hoffart (Goettingen): “Responsibilities of science and economics: Should we all be climate economists and is this adequate?”
Sofia Henriks (Lund University): “Models for policy and planning: Balancing Roles and Responsibilities in the Science Policy interface”
Andrea Saltelli (Bergen/Barcelona): “Mathematical models: A state of exception”
Panel I: Responsibility in Climate Research, with Chiara Candelise (Bocconi/Imperial), Francesca Pongiglione (UniSR), and Massimo Tavoni (PoliMi/RFF-CMCC).

Tuesday May 28

Mathias Frisch (Hannover): “Values in integrated assessment modeling in the light of deep uncertainties”
Alaize Dall’Orsoletta (Minho): “Toward fairer transportation”; Josè Antonio Ballesteros Figueroa (ITESM): “Narratives of quantification”
Kian Mintz-Woo (University College Cork/IIASA): “Justice for climate researchers”
Karl Scheifinger (IIASA): “Integrating justice in climate change mitigation” (joint work with C. Zimm et al.)
Elena Verdolini (Brescia/RFF-CMCC): “The economics of a just (twin) transition”
Panel II: Justice and Credibility, with Marco Grasso (Bicocca), Amsalu Woldie Yalew (RFF-CMCC, Ca’ Foscari), and Massimo Tavoni (PoliMi/RFF-CMCC)

Organizers of the event

Scientific + Organizing Committee:
Hernán Bobadilla (DMAT), Rawad El Skaf (DMAT), Sara Giarola (DIG/RFF-CMCC), Francesco Nappo (DMAT), Massimo Tavoni (DIG/RFF-CMCC), Henrik Thorén (Lund University), Giovanni Valente (DMAT)

With the organizational support of:
Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering (DIG), Politecnico di Milano
Department of Mathematics (DMAT), Politecnico di Milano
Department of Philosophy, Lund University
Laboratorio EFFEDIESSE (Formazione e Sperimentazione Didattica), Politecnico di Milano
META (Social Sciences and Humanities for Science and Technology), Politecnico di Milano
RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment

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